Hogeveen, Bryan


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PhD: University of Toronto 
       (Centre of Criminology)

Research Interests 

Violence, Law, Derrida, Marginality, MMA, Sociology of Sport and the Body

Editor in Chief : Societies - http://www.mdpi.com/journal/societies

Selected Recent Publications


(forthcoming) Hogeveen, B. and Woolford, A. Cold Cities: Marginalization and the possibility of Justice in Two Prairie Cities. (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s Press).

(2009) Hogeveen, B. and J. C. Minaker. Youth, Crime & Society: Issues of Power and Justice. (Toronto: Pearson).

Edited Collections

(forthcoming), Criminalized Mothers: Criminalizing Motherhood. Toronto: Demeter Press.

(2006) ‘Critical Criminology and Socio-legal Studies in Canada: Direction(s), Debate(s), and Dialogue,’ Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice (co-edited with Andrew Woolford and Joane Martel).

Articles in Journals and Magazines

(in press) “Hospitality and the Homeless - Jacques Derrida in the Neoliberal City,” Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology, 5(1)

Hogeveen, Bryan (2011). Skilled Coping And Sport: Promises Of Phenomenology. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 5 (3):245 - 255.

(2010), “Finding light in so much darkness”: Violence, Youth and (masculine) Subjectivities,” Juventudes, Subjetivações e Violências, 2(1).

(2009), ‘Accounting for Youth Violence at the Victoria Industrial School’, Social History, 42(83): 147-174.

(2008), ‘Violence and Youth: Teaching and Learning Guide’, Sociology Compass, 2(6): 2074-2082.

(2007), ‘Discontinuity in/and the Juvenile Court’ Journal of Historical Sociology, 20(4): 605-621.

(2007), ‘Violence (and) Youth’, Sociology Compass, 1(2).

(2007), ‘A Response to Professor Boyd’ Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 49(3).

(2006), ‘Unsettling Youth Justice and Cultural Norms: The Youth Restorative Action Project’ Journal of Youth Studies 9(1): 47-66.

(2006), ‘Critical Criminology and Possibility in Neoliberal Times,’ Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 48(5): 681-703 (with Andrew Woolford).

(2006), ‘The state of Critical Scholarship in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies in Canada,’ Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 48(5): 633-647 (with Joane Martel and Andrew Woolford).

(2006), ‘An Opening/Une Overture.’ Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 48(5): 631-632.

(2006), ‘Memoir of a/the Blind’, Punishment and Society 8(4): 469-476.

(2005), ‘Toward ‘Safer’ and ‘Better’ Communities?: Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act, Aboriginal Youth and the Processes of Exclusion,’ Critical Criminology: An International Journal 13(3): 307-326.

(2005), ‘‘If we are tough on crime, if we punish crime, then people get the message’: Constructing and Governing the Punishable Young Offender in Canada During the late 1990s,’ Punishment and Society 7(1): 73-89.

(2005), ‘The Evils with Which we are Called to Grapple’: Élite Reformers, Eugenicists, Environmental Psychologists, and the Construction of Toronto’s Working-Class Boy Problem, 1860-1930,’ Labour/ LeTravail 55: 37-69.

(2004), ‘You will hardly believe I turned out so well’: Parole, Surveillance, Masculinity and the Victoria Industrial School, 1896-1935,’ Social History/Histoire Sociale 37(2): 201-229.

(2002), ‘Mentally Defective and Feeble-Minded Juvenile Offenders: Psychiatric Discourse and the Toronto Juvenile Court 1910 – 1930,’ Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 20(1): 43-74.

(1999), ‘On the Fragmentation of Canadian Criminal Justice History,’ Canadian Journal of Criminology 41(2): 191-203. (with Russell Smandych)

(2012), ‘Zen and Question of Belts”, BJJ Legends, 4.

(2010), “YouTube vs. your professor”, BJJ Legends, 3: 74-75.


Chapters in Books

(forthcoming) Spencer, Dale and Bryan Hogeveen. 'Pride, Canadian National Identity, and Mixed Martial Arts: Media Representations of UFC champion George St. Pierre.' In Embodied Practice: Media and Identity in Canadian Contexts. Editor Karen McGarry. Waterloo: Laurier University Press.

(forthcoming) ‘It is about your body recognizing the move and automatically doing it’: Merleau-Ponty, Habit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.’ D. Spencer (ed.), Fighting Scholars. London: Anthem Press.

(forthcoming) Skilled Coping and Sport: Promises of Phenomenology. In Irena Martínková & Jim Parry (eds.) Phenomenological Approaches to Sport. London: Routledge

(2012) “Pushing the Limits of the Classroom: Guest Speakers in Sociology” Fostering Conversations about Teaching Sociology in Canada. Toronto: Nelson

(2012). (revised) Critical Criminology in Canada. in R. Linden (ed.), Criminology: A Canadian Perspective. Toronto: Nelson. (7th ed.).

(2011) ‘Zombies in Bel Air: Class and Marginalization in Canada’ in Diversity and Justice. Editor Barbara Perry. Toronto: Oxford.

(2012) ‘Scarecrows and Canaries: Justice and the Youthful Other’ in Theorizing Justice, Editors Kelly Gorkoff and Richard Jochelson. Halifax: Fernwood.

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