Krahn, Harvey

Krahn, Harvey

Professor, Social Structure and Social Policy 

PhD (Sociology), University of Alberta 
6-24 HM Tory Building 
780.492.3322 phone 
780.492.7196 fax 

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Research Interests 

Professor Krahn's research interests are in the sociology of work, the sociology of education, immigration, social inequality, environmental sociology, political sociology, and research methods. Most recently, his research projects have focused on school-work and life-course transitions, labour market restructuring, sustainable consumption, immigrant experiences in Canada, and mental health trajectories. 

Selected Recent Publications

Work, Industry, and Canadian Society, 7th ed. (with K.D. Hughes and G.S. Lowe). Toronto: Nelson Education. (2015)

“Exploring or floundering?: the meaning of employment and educational fluctuations in emerging adulthood.” (with A. Howard and N. Galambos).Youth and Society (forthcoming; published on line 2012).

“Growth in perceived control across 25 years from the late teens to midlife: the role of personal and parents’ education.” (with D. Vargas Lascano, N. Galambos and M. Lachman). Developmental Psychology (2015).

“Are we counting what counts? A closer look at environmental concern, pro-environmental behaviour, and carbon footprint.” (with E. Huddart Kennedy and N. Krogman). Local Environment (2015).

“Developmental trajectories of work values and job entitlement beliefs.” (with A. Chow and N. Galambos). Developmental Psychology (2014).

“Depression and anger across 25 years: changing vulnerabilities in the VSA model.” (with M. Johnson and N. Galambos). Journal of Family Psychology (2014).

“Forecasting life and career satisfaction in midlife from young adult depressive symptoms.” (with A. Howard and N. Galambos). Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (2014).

“Egregious emitters: disproportionality in household carbon footprints.” (with E. Huddart Kennedy and N. Krogman). Environment & Behavior (2014).

“Work values and beliefs of ‘Generation X’ and ‘Generation Y.’” (with N. Galambos). Journal of Youth Studies (2014).

“Trades-related post-secondary educational attainment among immigrant and Canadian-born young adults in Alberta.” (with P. Hira-Friesen and M. Hahn). Alberta Journal of Educational Research (2013).

“Downshifting: an exploration of motivations, quality of life, and environmental practices.” (with E. Huddart Kennedy and N. Krogman). Sociological Forum (2013).

“Living through our children: exploring the education and career ‘choices’ of racialized immigrant youth in Canada.” (with A. Taylor). Journal of Youth Studies (2013).

"Sustainable consumption and the importance of neighbourhood: a central city / suburb comparison.” (with E. Huddart Kennedy and N. Krogman). Canadian Journal of Sociology (2013).

Selected Recent Grants/Awards 

2014 SSHRC Insight Grant ($210,943) to study “Longitudinal determinants of work, family, and personal well-being in midlife.” (with N. Galambos and M. Johnson).

2012 Faculty of Arts Research Award (University of Alberta)

2010 SSHRC Standard Research Grant; ($110,206) to study "Transition to adulthood" (with Nancy Galambos, Psychology, University of Alberta) 

2009 Canadian Sociological Association Outstanding Contributions Award

2009 SSHRC Canadian Environmental Issues ($95,386) to study “Reclaiming Consumption in Northern and Southern Urban Canada (with N. Krogman)

Supervised Post-doctoral Fellows

Amy Samson, U of A Grant Notley  PDF (2014-16)

Angela Chow (co-supervised with N. Galambos,), SSHRC Banting PDF (2011-2013)

Emily Huddart-Kennedy (Co-supervised with N. Krogman), SSHRC grant-funded PDF (2010-2012)

Supervised Graduate Students

Jasmine Thomas, PhD Candidate
Chad Doerksen, MA Student

Recent Graduates 

Jacey Payne, MA 2013
Lindsay Wodinski, MA 2011
Rachel Campbell, PhD 2010
Abu Sadat Nurullah, MA 2010