Haggerty, Kevin


Criminology and Sociology

PhD (Sociology) University of British Columbia

6-26 HM Tory office

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Professor Haggerty is the Editor of the Canadian Journal of Sociology



Kevin Haggerty is a member of the Executive Team for the SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) on "The New Transparency": www.surveillanceproject.org/projects/the-new-transparency/about

Kevin recently won the Faculty of Arts award for Associate Professors: www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/arts/research_awards.cfm

He is also the book review editor for the international journal Surveillance and Society 



I am pleased to be teaching a brand new course in the Fall of 2011 on the Social Study of Surveillance (SOC 226). This will be a large enrolment lecture-style class (although you will do lots of other things than listen to me lecture). The only prerequisite is that you already have one course credit.

Selected Recent Publications



Colin Bennett and Kevin D. Haggerty eds. (2011) Security Games: Security and Surveillance at Mega-Events. London: Routledge

Haggerty, Kevin D. and Minas Samatas eds. (2010) Surveillance & Democracy London: Routledge 

*Haggerty, Kevin D. and Richard V. Ericson eds. 2006. The New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (386 pages)

Kevin D. Haggerty, Dean Wilson and Gavin Smith eds., (forthcoming) Guest editors of Theoretical Criminology volume on ‘Theorizing Surveillance in Criminal Justice’


Selected articles and chapters

Haggerty, Kevin D., and Camille Tokar (forthcoming) “The Meanings of Security Devices: On the Institutional Appeals of Nightclub ID Scanning Systems” Space & Culture

Boyle, Phil, and Kevin D. Haggerty. 2009. "Spectacular Security: Mega-Events and the Security Complex." In International Political Sociology 3(2): 257-274

Haggerty, Kevin D. (2009). “Methodology as a Knife Fight: The Process, Politics and Paradoxes of Evaluating Surveillance.” Critical Criminology: An International Journal 17(4) (8,000 words)

Haggerty, Kevin D. (2010) “Tough Love: Professional Lessons for Graduate Students.” American Sociologist 41(1): 82-96

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